The UNWIND project's newsletter #6 is available also in Greek

The UNWIND project is entering its final stages. Take advantage of the project's innovative outputs. The outputs are available for free on the project website  

Project UNWIND developed innovative online resources that support young people to develop important transversal skills for career management; job retention and stress management. The range of resources supports the achievement of a significant immediate, and ongoing skills upgrade within the European labour force.


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The first Newsletter of the CREATION project is out for grabs!

CREATION aims to support migrant women in developing entrepreneurial competences that can allow them a chance to build or develop a career in one of the multiple disciplines represented in the Cultural and Arts Industries.


Additionally, CREATION wants to support trainers and educators who work with migrant women, through a dedicated framework and training resources necessary to strengthen crucial entrepreneurial skills of migrant women.


Visit the project website and Facebook page for more details, and contact us if you want to get involved in the project! 

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21C-SDG brochure is out now

21ST CENTURY SKILLS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UN's SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS FOR PUPILS brochure is out now and awailable for you to learn more about the project's aims, challenges and expected results. 


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